About Annaba

Annabaformerly known as Bona, and then Bône, is a seaport city in the northeastern corner of Algeria, close to Tunisia. Annaba is close to the small Seybouse River, and it is in the Annaba Province.

Annaba is a coastal city that underwent significant growth during the 20th Century. Annaba has a metropolitan area with a higher population density than the other metropolitan areas of the Algerian coastline, such as Oran and Algiers. Much of eastern and southern Algeria uses the services, equipment, and infrastructure of the Annaba. Economically, it is the center for various economic activities, such as industry, transportation, finance, and tourism.

How to reach Annaba

By AirBy Road

Annaba – Rabah Bitat Airport2  is an Algerian international airport, located 9 km south of the city of Annaba. It is an international civilian airport serving the city of Annaba and its region (wilayas of Annaba, Skikda, Guelma, and El Tarf); and provides several daily flights from other major European cities such as Paris, Istanbul, Marseille, and Lyon. And from the airport it is fairly easy to rent a car or take a shuttle to the city center.

Located on the outskirts of the RN 44, between two interchanges, that of the city of May 1 and Sidi Achour, in the town of El-Bouni, the new bus station of Annaba is open 24/7. It provides several daily trips from all Algerian cities.